Donations and bequests


Do you want to support the NJO National Youth Orchestra of the Netherlands with a one-off or periodic gift? This can be done in a tax-attractive manner: donors of an ANBI (Dutch public benefit organization) may deduct their donations from Dutch income or corporate tax. Because the National Youth Orchestras of the Netherlands (NJON), the organization behind the NJO, are an ANBI, tax deduction is therefore possible. Please note: Stichting Vrienden van het NJO ('Friends of the NJO Foundation') is not an ANBI. So if you want to make a tax attractive donation, a donation to the NJON Foundation is a better choice. This will not change your membership of the Friends of the NJO. More information can be found on the ANBI page of NJON (only available in Dutch).

A contribution to the NJO as a gift

Are you celebrating a birthday, a wedding anniversary or are you saying goodbye to work? There are many festive events where you may be asked what your guests can give you. Consider a donation to the NJO! We ensure that you receive information to give to your guests and in this way you support young musicians, the promises of the future.

Musical legacy

By including the NJO in your will you can continue to support our young musicians! When notarizing a will, you can grant the NJO a bequest or appoint it (partially) as heir. In a bequest you can state an amount that you have allocated to the NJO. Will you make the NJO heir? Then the NJO will receive a proportional share of your estate, in addition to, for example, children, family members, friends and other charities.


If you have any questions about registering a periodic donation or about a contribution to the NJO as a gift, you can contact Annette van Buren via annette or +31 55 579 1221.

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