NJO membership

After a successful audition and after participation of at leaste one NJO project, candidates will officially become member of the NJO National Youth Orchestra of the Netherlands. Membership lasts for a maximum of two years, starting from 1 January for members who auditioned in the preceding autumn or 1 July for members who auditioned in the preceding spring.

NJO members do not need to audition for new NJO projects and will be given priority to participate. However, every NJO member will have to register for each project. Also, NJO members who wish to become (co-)principal (again) will need to audition again. This includes the positions of principal and co-principal strings, first wind, first harp, timpani, bass trombone, tuba and piano. If the repertoire of a project requires special skills or solo's for other (auxiliary) instruments, NJO may decide to select musicians for these instruments by auditions as well. Application deadlines for NJO members are always the same as for non-NJO members.

Both audition candidates and NJO members who wish to participate in a next project need to register via the personal NJO portal.

Auditions for (co-)principal positions or solo's during membership do not automatically extend NJO membership. All NJO members need to renew their membership after two years by applying and auditioning again provided that they meet the requirements for membership (including the age limit).

NJO members accept the rules and regulations for auditions and membership upon application. Please read these NJO audition and participation regulations carefully before accepting.

NJO projects and membership privileges

NJO members can first of all participate in NJO symphony orchestra projects taking place twice a year, such as the NJO Winter Tour and the NJO Winter Tour. NJO members van also participate in projects of a different nature (ensembles, small orchestra's, opera) thay may be programmed during the Muziekzomer Gelderland ('Music Summer Gelderland). Possibilities for participation do of course depend on the instrumentation of the project.

All NJO members who wish to participate in a next project need to register and apply via their personal NJO portal, indicating preferences for position and confirming full availability to participate.

In addition, NJO members may also be selected for other projects such as NJO chamber orchestra projects, Jong Metropole projects, NJO opera projects, NJO ensemble projects, MusXchange (the exchange programme of several European youth orchestras), professional NJO projects in cooperation with organisations such as the professional Dutch orchestras and opera houses and professional NJO concerts for NJO sponsors and relations. For the latter two types of projects members of the NJO sometimes receive a fee. Participation in professional projects is in principle only possible upon invitation. Please note that participants in Jong Metropole projects do not automatically become a member of NJO. They will become a member of Jong Metropole.

Members who have taken part in a project will have a preferential status for the next project. Participation in a project is not mandatory, but if a member decides to skip one or more projects then he/she will lose his/her preferential position, although he/she will still be a member of course, with all accompanying benefits. Members who play an instrument less commonly used in an orchestra, such as saxophone and euphonium, will keep their preferential status up until the next project in which their instrument is needed.

Membership costs

NJO keeps participation fees in NJO projects as low as possible. Therefore, participation in NJO projects is free, except for the NJO Summer Tour for which musicians in case of an international tour will be required to contribute a fee.

Travelling with the full orchestra during NJO projects will be organised and paid for by NJO and partly covered by this obligatory contribution fee from the participants. Expenses for coaching, concerts and accommodation (including meals) will be paid by NJO for the duration of the NJO project.

We are grateful that we can rely on contributions from sponsors, funds, governments and Friends to ensure free or low cost NJO projects for all NJO members.

Travel costs

Participants must pay for the travel expenses to and from the place(s) where a project takes place. NJO will organise and pay for all travel costs during NJO projects (provided that these travels are project related), except for the travel expenses to the project's location at the start of the project (in most cases Apeldoorn) and from the project’s location on the last day (mostly the location of the last concert or destination on the last tour day) to your home address. The international Summer Tour always starts and ends in the Netherlands. These travel costs are at the expense of the participant. Travelling by car will only be reimbursed after consultation with the orchestra manager, and only when travelling with more than one participant per car.

Rehearsal venue and accommodation

Rehearsals for NJO projects will normally take place in Apeldoorn, with overnight accommodation in Stayokay Apeldoorn. Accommodation provided and rehearsal locations can differ per project. Please check Programme & planning for details.

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