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All NJO projects are accessible for musicians aged between 18 up to and including 26 years* who are studying an instrument at a conservatory in the Netherlands or Belgium, as well as for Dutch citizens studying an instrument at a music academy elsewhere. Only for positions in the NJO Summer Festival and Tour that are still vacant after live auditions in the Netherlands and Belgium, will video auditions be organised for musicians who are not Dutch citizens and who are aged between 18 up to and including 26 years* who are studying an instrument at a European music academy outside of the Netherlands or Belgium. Elsewhere on this website you will find information about auditions and NJO membership.

EUYO projects, for which the NJO organises the first round of auditions, are accessible for musicians aged between 16 and 26 years on 31 December of the year in which the audition takes place. Applications to EUYO can be made by all musicians who hold a passport from one of the 27 current European Union Member States. Musicians who are born in the Netherlands, who reside, study or work in the Netherlands or who hold a Dutch passport can apply to the EUYO through the NJO via the portal below. Elsewhere on this website you will find information about the EUYO auditions. Information about EUYO membership can be found on the EUYO website.

Application via the NJO portal for NJO and EUYO candidates

All eligible NJO and EUYO first round candidates should apply for auditions by registering via the NJO portal by clicking the link below. Please make sure you read and understand the NJO audition and participation regulations** before you register for NJO auditions or the EUYO audition rules and regulations before you register for EUYO auditions. By registering at NJO via the portal below, you accept the NJO and/or EUYO rules and regulations. If you experience any difficulties using the portal, please read the instructions for login and audition registration.

If you don’t have an account yet, please create your personal account in the NJO portal:

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Log in to your account in the NJO portal to apply for auditions and projects and to make any changes. Please check whether there are any projects open for applications on our Programme & planning page.

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*) at the starting date of the relevant project
**) the new regulations with effect from 3 November 2020 are only available in Dutch; we are working on an English translation

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