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Each autumn, live auditions for the NJO Winter and Summer Tours are held. NJO also organises the first round auditions for the European Union Youth Orchestra (EUYO). Candidates may choose to audition only for NJO, EUYO 1st round or both in the same audition for a NJO jury.

Musicians who would like to audition for a position in one or both the NJO tours and / or the EUYO should apply via our Application portal.This is possible after creating your NJO account.

  • The application deadline, September 30th, has passed. It is not possible to apply anymore.
  • NJO members are allowed to participate without auditioning in NJO projects as tutti (depending on vacant positions), but will still need to apply for the projects before the deadline
  • Candidates who are eligible for the EUYO 2nd round must also apply via NJO before the deadline


If you register for auditions you automatically accept the rules and regulations for auditions and membership for either NJO and/or EUYO.

Please note that the NJO and EUYO have different terms & conditions for auditions and participating. Their are also differences in the audition procedure. Please check which orchestral excerpts you need to prepare for which round/orchestra and what are the rules regarding a solo piece for your instrument.

More on NJO auditions

Take a look at the upcoming NJO projects under Programme and planning, where you will find the instrumentation and audition dates. Under How to prepare you will find all the information you need about auditioning. Information about the jury can be found on the Jury page and details about the procedure after the audition can be found on After the auditions.

More on EUYO auditions

After completing the NJO/EUYO 1st round auditions, the NJO jury selects candidates for the EUYO 2nd round in The Netherlands. Candidates who meet the EUYO requirements will be invited for the 2nd round directly after applying via NJO.

NJO hosts the 2nd round auditions and manages the application process. The jury consists of a EUYO jury member present at the live audition. After the audition, an EUYO expert panel reviews all auditions from the 27 EU member states for each instrument. EUYO announces the results in January.

You can find everything about the upcoming Dutch EUYO auditions HERE

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