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NJO Verrassingsconcert

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NJO and Orpheus Theatre are happy to surprise you with special chamber music concerts on Sunday afternoons. NJO presents a series of surprising and refreshing concerts with an ever-changing selection of talented musicians. Who will play for you remains a surprise until the moment they come on stage, but whoever appears, you can expect to hear very talented young musicians. NJO gives these musicians who are preparing for their professional careers the opportunity to gain experience at the highest level in various forms of ensemble playing.

NJO Verrassingsconcert: refreshing and unique!

For each Verrassingsconcert ("Surprise Concert"), NJO makes a striking selection of the most beautiful works of classical music, from past to present. Each concert is therefore a surprise and an experience in itself. The NJO Verrassingsconcert always contains accessible work, and is therefore suitable for a wide audience. Whether you are a classical music connoisseur and fan, or not (yet), an NJO Verrassingsconcert is suitable for every music lover, both young and old. In the Small Hall of Orpheus Theatre, you can enjoy top talents who gain high-level experience by performing.

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